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Created: 2021.01.11 / Updated: 2021.07.27 12:02

Information for journalists travelling to Lithuania during COVID-19 pandemic

In accordance with the Resolution No 506, declaring the state of national emergency in Lithuania, the entry of foreigners into the Republic of Lithuania remains restricted. However, journalists are allowed to enter the country under the circumstances listed below.

Journalists that are nationals of the EU / EEA, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican and persons lawfully living in these countries, also journalists, who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines, approved by the EU institutions ("COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen", "Comirnaty", "COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna", "Vaxzevria"), following the full vaccination schedule according to the authorities of the country they were vaccinated in are allowed to enter Lithuania.

Journalists from outside the European Union and countries not listed above, require the permission of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (Minister‘s Order).

Full list of exceptions of who can enter Lithuania can be found here.


Any traveller from any country will be required to evidence the COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before the entry to Lithuania or, in case of arriving by personal means of transport, take a test in Lithuania (list of approved laboratories for testing). 10-day self-isolation will also be mandatory, with a possibility of shortening the isolation time by taking a coronavirus test at personal expense on the 7th day of the isolation.

Journalists are allowed to leave their place of isolation for work-related purposes.

Journalists will be required to have documentation evidencing the the right for an exemption (translated into Lithuanian, English or Russian) from isolation, which they will have to show as requested by the staff of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) who are in charge of checks for compliance with isolation requirements.

Journalists, who have been vaccinated following the full vaccination schedule will not be required to test or self-isolate provided they have a medical certificate or vaccination certificate (in one of the official languages of European Union) confirming that they had their vaccination.

  • Minister‘s Order
    Foreign journalists arriving from outside the European Union must gain permission in advance of travelling to Lithuania (Minister’s Order).

    To obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to provide us with all the personal data and documents mentioned bellow and send them to [email protected]

    • Date of birth,
    • Your name as it appears on your passport,
    • Country of issue and passport number,
    • A letter written by the journalist or editor with the intent of explaining the purpose of travel,
    • Your travel dates.

    It is highly recommended to take a Press ID card with you, so you can prove your identity if needed for border checks. If it is not available, please ensure that the identification number is included in the editor's letter.

Other entry requirements

Those arriving in Lithuania from ALL COUNTRIES until the moment of crossing the border of Lithuania must fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE and provide confirmation of the completed electronic questionnaire (QR code) to National Public Health Center specialists or other officials at the border checkpoint or passenger checkpoint.

Those who are planning to stay in Lithuania less than 7 days and depart before the end of their isolation period, must fill in a form of early departure (More information).

Information on all restrictions during the state of quarantine in Lithuania:

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