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Created: 2014.08.11 / Updated: 2014.08.20 15:58

You would probably easily find words to describe many nations, e.g. the romantic French, the aristocratic English, the disciplined and rational Germans, or the hot-tempered Italians. But what could you say about Lithuanians? For this, you should have a deeper look into our lifestyle – culture, customs and traditions, religion, love for sports, eating and drinking habits, time-spending style and entertainments.

During your stay in Lithuania, try to visit at least some of the many art galleries, watch a few Lithuanian films, go to the theatre. Do not miss the opportunity to join us for celebrating festivals, especially traditional ones – Joninės (Midsummer or St. John’s Day) originating in the distant pagan times, and Užgavėnės (Shrove Tuesday) calling the spring to come.

Visit our churches, and not only in Vilnius, but also in more distant locations. Many of the smaller towns do not need to be reached to see that the place is populated – church steeples show the way from far away.

Do you know what Lithuanians call their second religion? The best way to learn this is to see for yourself what ardent basketball fans we are – so come here.

Feeling hungry? Time to taste authentic food and drinks, which vary from region to region. We, Lithuanians, like to eat copiously, so don’t be surprised if you are served large platefuls.

On a full stomach, one can think about entertainment, which is different here depending on the season, but always active. We are also dedicated festival-goers.

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